The New Ghanaian banking

We think it’s time someone breathed new life into banking. That’s why we’re building a responsible, strong, well-capitalised bank with unmatched liquidity, sustainable funding strategies and intuitive banking solutions, and none of the baggage, ills and crap with most existing players.

We bring on board cutting edge technology, serious scale & skin and competences with experiences in various segments of global economic and financial activity and decades of combined banking experience. An innovative business model fit-for-purpose in strengthening our niche areas.

Key Features

  • Creative Offering

    A differentiated banking model

  • 24/7 Full Service

    Integrated services around the clock

  • Supportive Staff

    Incl competent engineers and AI teams

Important Notice

AIB is the trading name of AIB Limited (AIB Bank Limited precursor), a registered company founded by a proprietary trader, professional market participant, investor & entrepreneur, passionate about making a real difference in corporate, commercial, business, mortgage banking and asset & wealth management in Ghana. AIB isn't a bank yet. We are applying to the Bank of Ghana (BoG) and the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) for a banking licence to become authorised by the BoG and regulated by same and SEC to provide what we think will be the best banking service in Ghana and beyond. Until we are fully regulated as a bank, please don't take anything on this website as an invite or inducement to either apply to us for those services or to invest in AIB Bank. This informational website is not a solicitation for the purchase or sale of securities or request for financial sponsorship.


The DCANS Group, its subsidiaries, the group's founder and qualified AIB management group members and directors are the initial shareholders: Minimum capital in excess of mandatory Ghs400m (approx $80m) already reserved, with additional capital raising strategies and options already in place via the groups 24/7 global capital raising systems (multifactor smart beta FICCs), to accommodate our unique strategies. The shareholders are concurrently building strategic equity holdings in identified existing local players (quoted and unquoted) ahead of additional public information and disclosures by November 2022, if not far earlier.


Active beta products and services (incl sandboxes) are currently only available to sister companies within The DCANS Group (anchor clients) and not the general public (no outside deposits), until post-regulatory processes.